Need Contractors & Home Services? I'm Here For You

Whether you are buying a home, selling a home, or living in a home with no immediate plans to move, there is one thing that most homeowners will need on occasion. Reliable contractor, tradespeople, and other services for their home. And it is one of the things that I get asked about quite often!

Being in the real estate business allows me to work with some of the best contractors and trades people in the industry. I get a pretty good idea of who is the best in terms of reliably good service, who offers great attention to detail, who is reasonable with their pricing and so forth.

When clients and friends ask me for referrals to plumbers, electricians, contractors and other home services professionals, I have found that the best way is to provide them with a few names of those I would use on my own home. Then, they can call them, ask questions, see who is available and hopefully find those that are a perfect fit.

My goal is always to be helpful to clients and friends and help them find a couple / few really good people to choose from. So here is the bottom line: If you are needing someone to clean, fix, build, repair, or upgrade something in your home and you don't know who to turn to, please reach out to me. 

Additionally if you are someone who cleans, fixes, builds, repairs, or upgrades something home related please reach out to me as well. While I have quite a few really good people on my list already, I also always have a time or two when my "go to" people are busy. I would love to help you grow your business.

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